Suggestions for Future Foodie Book Club Picks

24 10 2008

Deb, Johanna and I welcome your ideas for future Cook the Books selections.  We would love to read a mix of foodie fiction and non-fiction food Books and hope to put together a list of several future Cook the Books picks at a time so that participants can make arrangements to buy or borrow them ahead of the bimonthly deadlines.

Do you have a great book lounging on your bookshelf that you have not read yet?  A wish list of foodie books that you would purchase or borrow?  Please leave a comment below to let us know what your book recommendations are.

If you need some inspiration, Rachel has put together a list of some foodie fiction titles at the Crispy Cook 2 blog which is updated periodically.   A short but interesting list of non-fiction food writing can be found here.

La Cucina puts the focus on the food of Italy and Sicily.  Maybe we can travel around the world with our Foodie Book Club picks!

Looking forward to your book ideas!



20 responses

24 10 2008

Love your list Rachel! I have read and loved many of the books on it and there are some on there that are new to me too. I am always up for a reading of Like Water for Chocolate and The Sunday Tertulia is a favorite. Bread Alone and its follow up Baker’s Apprentice were both great too. I loved Dian Abu Jaber’s Crescent and bought her The Language of Baklava not too long ago but haven’t started it yet. I also just bought The Last Chinese Chef and got Heat by Bill Buford for 50 cents at a sale. So many choices!

26 10 2008

Yes it is a great list! But I think the next book should be more “manly” as Peter suggested. So I think Heat by Bill Buford and Kitchen Confidential would be fantastic choices. I have read both and loved them! And they are packed with cooking ideas too.

26 10 2008

I would like to see blend of foodie fiction and non-fiction in our reading choices, so I would second (or third?) the nomination of “Heat” by Bill Buford.

I’ve read three nonfiction books by Anthony Bourdain and they have all been eye-opening as well as witty, and can recommend “Kitchen Confidential”, “Nasty Bits”, and “A Cook’s Tour”.

Once we get some more suggestions, maybe Johanna, Deb and I will have a poll up on this site to see what everyone is thinking. We’re still figuring out the specifics of this Book Club, (and Deb and I are trying out WordPress blogging for the first time!) so feel to offer any suggestions about other features you might like to see.


26 10 2008

Other than Like Water For Chocolate I haven’t read any of those – so I am more than happy with any of them!

27 10 2008
27 10 2008

Previously Foodycat recommended a children’s book by Elizabeth Goudge called “A Little White Horse” and I found out that not only did the book win the Carnegie Medal in 1946, but has remained somewhat of a cult classic that is being made into a film called “The Secret of Moonacre” that will be released sometime in 2009. Might be a timely and interesting choice.

2 11 2008

I know it would be silly to do another Sicilian book too soon after this one, but my mum always raves about the food in the Inspector Montalbano mysteries. I haven’t read them myself! I think she has a crush on the Inspector…

2 11 2008

I’ve heard that the Inspector Montalbano mysteries by Magdalen Nabb are quite good and have inspired many posts in the quarterly Novel Food blog event that Simona at Briciole and Lisa at A Champaign Taste host. However, I agree that traveling by armchair somewhere else in the world than Sicily would be preferable for our next book club pick, delicious as the books and the cooking are.

I have always wanted to read something by Elizabeth David and I have a novel on my To Be Read pile (tower, actually) called “Secrets of the Tsil Cafe” by Thomas Fox Averill about a young boy with dueling parents that run a catering company and Native American/Southwestern restaurant, respectively.

4 11 2008

I doubt this is in the vein of what others are thinking, but I just finished “gluten-free girl” by Shuana James Ahern and it is just amazing. It’s prose/memoir interspersed with recipes and her outlook on food is inspiring.

6 11 2008

I’m with Peter on Heat or Kitchen Confidential as the next book.. Anything by Anthony Bourdain is a great read!

6 11 2008

I haven’t read Alone in the Kitchen with an Eggplant yet. It looks good.

8 11 2008

Just some titles I came across …

The Saucier’s Apprentice: One Long Strange Trip through the Great Cooking Schools of Europe by Bob Spitz

High Bonnet: A Novel of Epicurean Adventures by Idwal Jones

Katish: Our Russian Cook by Wnada Frolov

13 11 2008

A couple of ideas –
The Splendid Table – How to Eat Supper sounds good.
Also – the follow up book to the Omnivore’s Dilemma – What to Eat(?) I forget the name.

14 11 2008

For non-fiction I recommend Mort Rosenblum’s “Olives”, “A Goose in Toulouse, and Other Culinary Adventures in France” and/or “Chocolate: a Bittersweet Saga of Dark and Light”. The last is new and the only of the three I haven’t read yet, but David Leibovitz recommended it on his blog and that’s good enough for me!

17 11 2008

I would love to read A Goose in Toulouse just so I could say that was what I was reading – what a great title!

6 12 2008

The book I am reading now would fit the catagory. Trail of Crumbs – Hunger, Love, and the Search for Home by Kim Sunee. It is a memoir of a South Korean girl adopted at about age three by a Louisiana couple. At the end of each chapter are elaborate recipes. Many of them are French where she lived for a time. Interesting, but sad.

28 01 2009

I enjoyed On Rue Tatin: Living and Cooking in a French Town by Susan Herrmann Loomis

26 04 2009

That is a great book, teapottery. The sweet olive biscuit recipe in it is lovely.

29 01 2010

I’m going to suggest another children’s book! What about Farmer Boy, by Laura Ingalls Wilder? I seem to remember that the food in that was amazing.

3 04 2011

One food-related book high on my ReadMeSoon list is Day of Honey: A Memoir of Food, Love, and War, by Annia Ciezadlo. There doesn’t seem to be a paperback edition of this yet.

Another old favorite that I want to reread is The Kitchen Congregation by Nora Seton. Ooo, and another I want to reread is Supper of the Lamb by Robert Farrar Capon.

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