A Guest Judge for The Little White Horse

10 06 2009

Jo, Deb and I are pleased to announce that Deborah Gaudin of the Elizabeth Goudge Society will be judging the Cook the Books blog posts about “The Little White Horse” after our June 26 deadline.  The Elizabeth Goudge Society website is chock full of interesting articles, interviews, tidbits and links about Goudge and her books, so I would encourage you to visit this informative site to find out more about our featured author.

I particularly enjoyed reading Ms. Gaudin’s analysis of the prose style and symbolism in “The Little White Horse”,  and found it to be an inspiration for my upcoming blog post.  Ms. Gaudin feels that the many food references, particularly involving teatime sweets, derives from the rationing and World War II austerities that Great Britain endured and that these descriptions were and are particularly appealing to sugar-loving children….of all ages.  Indeed.

Looking forward to your enchanting posts about our featured book!




2 responses

11 06 2009

Wonderful! Nice to have a lovely guest, and I am interested in the links you provided too, thank you.
Thanks for letting me know I had until the 26th, for some reason I thought it was the 15th. Whew! Now I don’t have to rush the ending. 🙂

11 06 2009

What a great choice for a guest judge! I look forward to exploring that site. I’ve just posted my entry… but I may change my mind!

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