A History of the Cook the Books Club

14 12 2009

Hi everyone:

Our little virtual book club is now over one year old, so I thought I would add a page,  “CTB Archives”,  at the top of our blog to give everyone an overview of what we’ve read and blogged about.  Newcomers to our book club can check out what we thought of the various book titles, who our guest judges were, and who the winning posters were.

I’ll try to remember to keep this page updated as we pick new selections and post new roundups.  Hope everyone is finding some quiet and restful times to read during this busy holiday season!



4 responses

14 12 2009

Great idea! I am looking forward to my 2 week break to curl up with at least one of the next selections 🙂 They’re all just sitting there willing me to read them…

14 12 2009

Great idea. I’ve been plowing away at A TASTE FOR ADVENTURE. We’re just leaving Georgia.

15 12 2009

Great job with the recap Rachel! I am excited to take the current book with me to Portland to read over Christmas.

15 12 2009
My Year on the Grill

Thanks for this post… new to the club, the current ADVENTURE book is on my nightstand!

fair warning ladies, there’s a new sheriff comin to town to claim his prize!

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