A Winning Taste for Adventure

9 02 2010

After a little delay with email difficulties on my end, I am delighted to announce that our Cook the Books featured author, Anik See, has some comments to make about the posts we wrote about “A Taste for Adventure”.  She very eloquently states:

“I’ve read through all the entries, and understand that some (most) might think that my perception was a bit rose-coloured… Of course, not every day or every person I met was great, but the book is a condensed recounting of over 10 years of travel, so the good people, the ones you tend to associate with an experience or a country, tend to stand out. I think another thing that contributed to my wealth of good experiences was the fact that I was often on a bike, so people feel like they need to take care of you. I’ve been on a few trips without the bike and there has definitely been less food offered! I guess when you’re on a bike, it’s obvious that you’re hungry… 🙂 So it’s a good match for those interested in the food of a place.

Also, because I was on a bike so often, planning was almost impossible. I knew the direction I wanted to go, but that’s about it. Anything can waylay you when you’re on a bike – too many hills, or flat tires – and if you’re dead set on a destination at the end of the day you’ll invariably wind up disappointed. I’m convinced that I had many of these great experiences because I wasn’t dead set on reaching a certain place by nightfall (or because it simply wasn’t possible). I’m also convinced that if you go to a country with an open mind, people will open themselves up to you. Even post 9/11.

Anyhow, I’m honoured to have been chosen, and thrilled that so many people decided to cook from the book. It was a tough call, but my winner is Foodycat, both for her effort and enthusiasm, despite her nervousness. And Foodycat, I use a rolling pin for my murtabak too! I think you have to do it for years before you get the wrist flick right. Best of luck to you all, and have fun with the next round – one of my favourite foodie books!

Take care, and thanks again,


Congratulations Foodycat, you join Claudia of Honey from Rock as our newest two-time CTB Champion!  And thank you again to our gracious author and guest judge, Anik See.  Now, I’m passing the torch over to Deb of Kahakai Kitchen for our next Cook the Books reading selection, Laura Esquivel’s “Like Water for Chocolate”.   I can’t wait to dive into that book myself!




8 responses

9 02 2010

Wow! Thanks! I am amazed!

10 02 2010
My Year on the Grill

Great job foodycat. i just ran out of time, and missed the chance… I still think this is a great idea! will be involved soon

10 02 2010

Congrats Foodycat! Awesome job!

10 02 2010

Congrats Foodycat! A very well-deserved win!

Great job with the book, round-up and author coordination Rachel! I will get a post up about Like Water for Chocolate in a day or so. (We need a couple of days for Foodycat to bask in the the glow of her win before we switch gears!)

10 02 2010

Yay Foodycat! Congratulations!

11 02 2010

Great job Foodycat, congratulations! I’ve got to try my hand at that murtabak one day.

12 02 2010
Ty's Mommy

Congrats! Loved your post!

13 02 2010

Congratulations, Foodycat! Well done.

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