The School of Essential Ingredients by Erica Bauermeister: Essential Summer Reading at Cook the Books

8 06 2010

Congratulations to Joanne of Eats Well with Others for her winning post about our last Cook the Books pick “Eating for England” by Nigel Slater.  Thanks are heartily extended to our guest judge and three-time CTB winner, Foodycat and to Jo of Food Junkie, not Junk Food for selecting our book and hosting that last round.  Everyone seems to have really enjoyed reading and cooking from Slater’s book.

Jo passes the hosting torch to me, The Crispy Cook, as we dig into the debut novel by Seattle author Erica Bauermeister, “The School of Essential Ingredients” (NY: G.P. Putnam’s Sons, 2009).  This elegant novel tells the intertwined stories of a group of students at a monthly cooking class held at a Northwest restaurant.  The owner, Lillian, presides over a a group of eight people of various ages and imparts her cooking secrets and imperturbable assuredness in the kitchen.

The author, Erica Bauermeister, has graciously agreed to serve as our guest judge for this round of Cook the Books, which ends on July 30.  To participate in Cook the Books, one must read the book, cook something up inspired by our reading selection and then blog about it before the deadline.  I will then post a roundup of delicious posts for all to digest and Ms. Bauermeister will pick our winner.

Anyone is eligible to join in the fun and we encourage new Cook the Books participants to join the “regulars” that have read and cooked from a varied batch of  foodcentric books.  You can check the CTB tabs above (Guidelines and Books We’ve Read)  to see what we have read, look at past roundups and check out some sample CTB posts.

If you would like to learn more about our author and her book you can visit her website, where she also provides some tantalizing recipes as made by some of her characters in the novel.  However, as she notes, one should use these recipes as a springboard, or as she says “Trust yourself and the food. Have fun.”

Looking forward to your foodie posts…..



19 responses

8 06 2010

I am really enjoying this book so far..I’m about halfway through. How cool to have Ms. Bauermeister as the judge!! Looking forward to everybody’s posts =)

9 06 2010

Congratulations, Joanne! Great job.

I just picked up our new selection today and am looking forward to reading it.

10 06 2010
With These Recipes In Your Hands, You Can Achieve The Best Health Of Your Life, Be In The Best Shape Of Your Life And Experience More Energy Than Ever Before… Let Me Show You How…

10 06 2010

This sounds great! I will get my hands on a copy.

10 06 2010

I read this books a few months ago and really enjoyed it. Have my ideas in hand and just need to put it into action. I am so happy that Erica Bauermeister will be our judge. Great job Rachel!

13 06 2010

I have the book. Girlichef kicked my ass and I went out and got it. LOVE it so far and I sure do hope to participate 🙂

15 06 2010
blog from OUR kitchen » fully dressed scones (real food)

[…] The School of Essential Ingredients by Erica Bauermeister: Essential Summer Reading at Cook the Book… […]

15 06 2010

I am looking forward to this one! I just have to finish John Irving’s new book and I will start on the CTB selection.
Hope everyone is enjoying lovely weather!

19 06 2010

I am planning on participating. I reserved the book at the library and it is ready to be picked up. I’m looking forward to it!

27 06 2010

I finished the book yesterday. I really enjoyed it! Now, I am trying to figure out what to cook. Not sure yet……………….

6 07 2010

I just finished the book. Loved it! So many ideas for cooking, I need to concentrate on something soon!

10 07 2010

I hope I didn’t post too soon. I just put up my dish and chatted about the book on my blog at this link:


13 07 2010

My CTB post: “A Dinner For Isabelle” is up.

Tina–you were very timely not too soon, and your pork looks wonderful.

21 07 2010
22 07 2010
Can't Believe We Ate...

This was a fun read! I thoroughly enjoyed it! My submission is here:

If this is a duplicate, please delete one!
Happy reading and cooking!
Can’t Believe We Ate

28 07 2010
28 07 2010
Kelly @ It's a Food Life

I was having trouble adding my comment so forgive the repeat. This is my first submission to Cook the Books and I love the book. My post is up here:

30 07 2010

So lovely to have a new foodie fiction buddy to join us. Welcome Kelly! I’ll be getting the roundup posted soon after the June 30 deadline.

30 07 2010

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