Our Next Book: Lunch in Paris by Elizabeth Bard

10 04 2011

Hello everyone! In this CTB round we will be leaving exotic, adventurous Caribbean to visit erotic, cosmopolitan Paris.

“Lunch in Paris” is Elizabeth Bard’s memoir, the story of a young
American woman who fell in love not only with a man but with a whole
culture. Through learning to cooking French recipes, shopping in open
air markets and battling bad-tempered butchers she discovers the
beauty of a city and explores the secrets of the French psyche.

Speckled with sexy recipes and a passionate love story in the world’s
most romantic city, Lunch in Paris is sure to make your heart beat a
little faster:

Book excerpt:

The chocolate centre flows like dark lava onto the whiteness of the
plate. The last ounce of stress drains from my body…. I have
discovered the French version of Death by Chocolate”.

Elizabeth Bard is an American journalist based in Paris. Lunch in
Paris is her first book and has been a New York Times and international best seller.You can follow Elizabeth’s continuing
culinary adventures on her blog ( elizabethbard.blogspot.com), facebook and twitter pages: www.elizabethbard.com,
www.facebook.com/LunchinParis, www.twitter.com/ElizabethBard


Elizabeth Bard has kindly agreed to judge this CTB round, so please send your submissions to me (jdimopoulos@foodjunkie.eu) by FRIDAY MAY 27th.
Thank you!
Johanna (foodjunkie.eu)



18 responses

10 04 2011

I read this in one sitting yesterday! Great story! Now to cook.

10 04 2011

I am very sorry, but I am afraid I won’t be able to join the club this time, due to a substantial amount of travel and other commitments between now and early June. I will enjoy reading what every one makes.

10 04 2011

Just got the book in the mail and it is wonderful! I have a hard time putting it down.

10 04 2011

Sounds like a fun book. Now if I can fit it in between all my other “must reads.”

11 04 2011
Beth Anne

I tore through this book in just a few days, it was an all-consuming read! I am trying to decide what to make but there are just so many things this book makes me think of!

11 04 2011

I am going for this one…love France, love reading about France, or Italy…well, this is how I “travel” these days. hahaha. Great pick!

12 04 2011

i’m joining in this one – loved the recipes in this book

6 05 2011
10 05 2011
Rachel @ The Crispy Cook

Ah, what a satisfying book. My post is now up over at The Crispy Cook and features a wonderful new (to me) sweet treat, the financier. Delicious!

13 05 2011

I finally had some time to read as I monitored testing at school!!!! I am about halfway done and I love this book, too.

17 05 2011

i’ve had this book for a while – i made a number of recipes from elisabeth’s book, and i still like to browse it from time to time

22 05 2011

Really enjoyed this one Jo and I have my post up now:


Thanks for a great pick. 😉

24 05 2011

A very enjoyable read, though I had a hard time
settling on my recipe. So many ideas, so many
choices. Anyway it’s up now at: http://honeyfromrock.blogspot.com/2011/05/lunch-in-paris-for-cook-books-club.html

25 05 2011

OK–finally here is my post, musings, and recipe (such as it is). I really enjoyed reading this book and will love (when I find the time) to make something a little more challenging than what I posted! 🙂 Thanks again for a great read!

27 05 2011
Lunch in Paris: A Love Story with Recipes « The Very Hungry Bookworm

[…] more recipes inspired by this lovely Parisian story, check out Cook the Books and join […]

27 05 2011

Okay! I’m in right at the deadline! Here are my thoughts on the book and my take on a recipe as well 🙂

Great read!


27 05 2011

And bringing up the rear, there’s …

25 02 2015
Lunch in Paris by Elizabeth Bard | Novel Meals

[…] month at Cook the Books we are reading Elizabeth Bard’s book Lunch in Paris. I have cross posted to my foodie blog: […]

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