Find Your Inner Child with Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl

6 02 2012

Eccentric inventor and chocolatier Willy Wonka, once opened the largest chocolate factory in the world, but spies stole his recipes, so he closed the factory to the public. The factory mysteriously started producing  again, and now Wonka is reopening it, but only to the five lucky children who find a golden ticket, hidden inside the wrappers of his Wonka bars. Charlie Bucket lives in poverty with his mother and his four elderly grandparents and there is barely enough money to buy food, let alone chocolate bars. After his birthday chocolate bar and a bar purchased with a coin his Grandpa Joe gives him do not yield the coveted golden ticket, Charlie thinks he has no chance to win a tour of the factory and a lifetime supply of chocolate candy. At the last minute, with money found on the street, Charlie buys a final bar and finds the last golden ticket. Now he and Grandpa Joe are headed to visit Wonka’s factory, along with some obnoxious companions. Wonka’s wonderland is full of amazing inventions, fabulous candy treats and mysterious little workers called Oompa-Loompas–but beware–dangers lurk there for bratty. misbehaved children!

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl is my pick for our February-March Cook the Books round. I read and re-read this book as a child, along with Dahl’s James and the Giant Peach, but I had not revisited it since reaching adulthood. I thought it would fun to find my inner child by going back to this fun classic and I hope you will join in. With all the fantastical and mouth-watering treats imagined in the book, I can’t wait to see what sort of scrumdillicious treats and dishes everyone makes!

The deadline for your entry for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is Monday, March 26. To join in the fun, simply read the book, make a dish (or dishes) inspired by it,  and post your thoughts about the book and what you cooked up. Let me know when your post goes live by leaving a comment below and/or by sending me an email at Judging information will be forthcoming.

Happy (& delicious) reading!




15 responses

6 02 2012
Heather @girlichef

Yay, this will be fun (and I already own the book)! 🙂

10 02 2012

I had forgotten how enjoyable Dahl’s books are; funny, biting and bizarre in equal amounts, I think. This was great fun to reread and I’m entertaining all sorts of fun ideas for my post. Great pick, Deb!

12 02 2012
Golden Blog

Charlie Chocolate Factory 400 Wonka Golden…

[…] ish (or dishes) inspired by it,  and post your thoughts about the book and what […]…

28 02 2012

I had never read this! About half way through and really enjoying it. Thanks Deb for picking this one and helping me round out that missed literary portion of my childhood!

29 02 2012
Opa! Leaping Into the February Food ‘n Flix Roundup of My Big Fat Greek Wedding | Stroll Waner

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22 03 2012
Tina Marie

Good book, I enjoyed it (again) and just posted my review.

23 03 2012
Rachel @ The Crispy Cook

Certainly had fun with this playful book. Dahl was so clever. And though I enjoyed both film versions of the book, there’s just such a different “flavor” to savor with his writing. Just posted my CTB entry.

25 03 2012
25 03 2012
25 03 2012
Deb in Hawaii

Thanks everyone! I am glad you had fun with the book. I am waiting until the last minute of course to get my post up! 😉 But it will be up before tomorrow’s deadline!

25 03 2012
26 03 2012

I am really sorry, but I cannot make it this time. I am sad, since, first of all I have read the book and second because I am a chocolate lover. However, I could not realize my original plan and I don’t have time to work on plan B, so this time, I will enjoy the event from the sidelines.
Do we already have the book selection for the next few editions?

27 03 2012
Deb in Hawaii

I am such a bad host but I did manage to finally get my post up before the deadline. 😉

I’ll be doing the round up and introducing you to our two fabulous guest judges in a day or so.

Simona–sorry you couldn’t join in this round. Our next book is The United States of Arugula hosted by Jo for April-May and we will get a post up soon with the next three picks for the rest of the year.

27 10 2012
mike mccarthy


12 06 2013
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[…] And for all you readers who can’t get enough cabbage soup, please feel free to join us at Cook the Books as we read and cook from Roald Dahl’s classic Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Deb of Kahakai Kitchen is the host for this round, in which we find our central character, Charlie Bucket, staving off hunger with his family in a cold house with meals of cabbage soup, boiled potatoes and bread with margarine (on a good payday!) before Charlie wins the lucky Golden Ticket in a bar of chocolate that allows him to tour this fabulous Willy Wonka candy factory.  Cook the Books submissions are due March 25, 2012 and you can find out all about how to join in the fun with our book club regulars over at the Cook the Books website. […]

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