Death by Darjeeling: Just the Right Cup of Tea for this Steamy Summer

18 07 2012

Just a quick reminder that our deadline for submitting entries to this round of Cook the Books is coming up July 30th. We are reading Death by Darjeeling by Laura Childs, the first in her Teashop Mysteries series.

As a special winner’s bonus, our Guest Judge and featured author, Ms. Childs, has generously donated a hardcover copy of her latest Teashop Mystery, “Agony in the Leaves”, which is signed on the title page and has a few Teashop recipes tucked inside. Looking forward to more of your Cook the Books posts!

-Rachel, The Crispy Cook



8 responses

18 07 2012
Alicia (foodycat)

That was a fun little read!

18 07 2012

I am afraid I won’t make it this time, but the good news is that I am ready our next selection, so I am in good shape to join again next time.

22 07 2012
Can't Believe We Ate...

What a fun and inspirational book!! I’m hooked on tea now!

24 07 2012

I am not waiting until the last minute. Mine will be up tomorrow:

28 07 2012
30 07 2012

I thoroughly enjoyed this mystery, as I do all her books. My post is now up:

31 07 2012
Kahakai Kitchen

It’s 11:30 PM here! Once again, I must live for the thrill of sliding in under the wire even though I have had the book read for a while. 😉 Fun book Rachel–I love that we finally did a foodie mystery!

31 07 2012

I still haven’t received the book 😦 . I am sorry to have missed this one, looks like it was loads of fun. Hopefully I will get it in time for the holidays!

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