We are foodie friends Rachel, Debbie and Jo and will be taking turns in hosting a new blogging event under the name of COOK THE BOOKS. We discovered that we love reading and cooking very very much so combining the two was ideal.

Rachel’s blog, The Crispy Cook, comes to you from Saratoga County, New York and reflects a cooking style that involves a lot of fresh vegetables and food from her garden and local farmers’ markets.  Rachel likes to do canning and preserving, and likes to try out new recipes and cuisines, much to the consternation of her two teenage daughters (“Did you make this stuff for the blog?”), so there’s always something interesting bubbling out of the Crispy Cook kitchen.  All the recipes are gluten-free, as Rachel’s husband Dan has celiac disease, an autoimmune condition triggered by eating wheat, barley and rye (and oats not processed in dedicated gluten-free facilities).  A majority of the recipes are also vegetarian, though there are fish and seafood dishes represented too.  Come visit if you would like to see how we are eating and growing in the garden.  Rachel and Dan also own Old Saratoga Books, a used and rare bookstore, so feel free to stop by or send an email if you are in search of an out-of-print book or having trouble ordering a copy of any Cook the Books Club selection.

 Deb’s Blog, Kahakai Kitchen is written in Honolulu, Hawaii.  Kahakai is the Hawaiian word for beach, a favorite spot for Deb when she isn’t cooking (and it also went well with Kitchen!)  Deb had been visiting Hawaii regularly for work and then moved there in 2001.  Her blog focuses on good food and trying new things, new foods and unusual ingredients.  She tries to take advantage of the local foods and cuisine whenever possible but her blog goes round the globe in cooking style and recipes.  Deb is a voracious reader of books and cookbooks and is always looking for new ideas and recipes.  Until recently, Deb was a busy Human Resources professional but is going to be taking some time off to figure out what she wants to be when she grows up, a journey that should be interesting as she tries to discover a career she is passionate about.  Come by anytime for some good food and a dash of Aloha!

Jo’s blog, FoodJunkie not Junk food comes from Athens, Greece. Jo is  a split personality, two names (Ioanna and Johanna), two languages, one love: THE GOOD LIFE. An archaeologist by profession, Jo currently working for the Ministry of Culture, but loves to wine and dine and will be sharing with you her cooking adventures. All food  on the blog has been freshly cooked and photographed in situ, to use a very archaeological term… GEIA MAS!

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16 12 2008
La Cucina « The Cat’s Pajamas

[…] you heard about Cook the Books yet?  Rachel, Deb and Jo started this wonderful little group.  We pick a book (preferably a book […]

19 04 2009
Verna Valencia

Dear Friends at Cook the Books:

Hello. I am the Events Coordinator at Artisanal Premium Cheese Center in New York. Artisanal sources cheeses from around the world and age handcrafted cheese to peak perfection. We have daily tastings of cheese and wine classes ranging form Cheese and Wine 101, Italian Cheese & Wine, The Great Iberian Peninsula, All About Fondue and Hands on Mozzarella. Most of our tastings are academic but a few are hands on. I am looking to use our space to host book clubs and would like to speak to someone if I may. Artisanal has an elegant teaching room with hardwood floors, large windows, TV monitors for presentations and a professional kitchen. All our events start with a half hour of fondue, gougeres, cava and cheeses from the caves. Would it be a possibility to host a class where each member showcases their final dish, their piece de resistance after the end of the book reading? Please reach me at vvalencia@artisanalcheese.com or at 212-871-3141. I look forward to hearing from you and invite you to take part in our sensational tastings.


Verna Valencia
Events Coordinator
Artisanal Premium Cheese Center

15 11 2009


Nice blog –
My company imports and sells high quality clay bakeware from France and we are looking for bloggers to advertise our products. We have an affiliate program, please visit us at http://www.claybourg.com, the affiliate info is on the right side.
Thank you for considering.

6 08 2010

I want to personally thank Deb at her blog Kahakai Kitchens for the kind words in reviewing my culinary mystery just released, ‘Captain Cooked’, http://www.CaptainCooked.com Please check out her recipe testing at:(http://kahakaikitchen.blogspot.com/2010/08/alan-wongs-whole-tomato-japanese.html Captain Cooked is set on the Big Island of Hawai’i, “Romance, Revenge, and Recipes”. Over 20 recipes from the top chefs and restaurants on the Big Island. A great time doing island research! I am hoping that as readers find and enjoy Captain Cooked, that one foodie fan might take it on themselves in having a prolonged lua’u and trying out all the book’s recipes and then writing about the experience (a la cooking through the Art of French Cooking–LOL). If Captain Cooked is successful, the goal is to go around the country with my heroine, Madison Merlot Dayne, and get involved in more culinary intrigues and local recipes. I look forward to people reading Captain Cooked and their opinions. Available in bookstores and on Amazon…Again, mahalo to Deb. I can be reached at this email, and glad to visit with other foodies. S.P.Grogan

19 01 2011
Denise @ Creative Kitchen

So excited to find this blog!! I’m always looking for a way to find out about more foodie books. I don’t make it to bookstores very often due to having 3 girls at home (11, 8 and 3), but we are at the library a lot. Sometimes I don’t have to the time to find/scrounge up books that meet my criteria…this will be such a helpful site!

I didn’t see a way to subscribe to this blog, so I’m signing up to receive updates via email. Thanks for sharing!!

4 02 2011

Thanks for pointing the way to this blog. I am a foodie-bookaholic, so much so that I rarely read any professional journals that apply to my real-life career. I hope I can participate!

6 06 2011
Carol Rossetti

I have recently read “The Hundred Foot Journey” by Richard Morais. It’s about an Indian family who settle in the south of France and then open their own restaurant, much to the annoyance of a local cordon bleu chef. The son then travels to Paris where he opens a restaurant to much acclaim. No recipes per se, but a very entertaining read!

11 06 2011

Scanning through your list, I have read some of the books, and noted others that I would like to read!! I just finished reading Lunch in Paris and will try many recipes.

29 06 2011

I have just finished reading Marsha Mehran’s series – Pomegranate soup and Rosewater and Soda bread. Such wonderful books!! I sooooo wanted to visit the Babylon cafe. having photocopied all the recipes from the book and bound into a small recipe book I have just cooked the Red Lentl soup recipe, which makes quite alot!! so have filled a croc pot and bought to work to share with my collegues YUM perfect on a cold winters day 😀

Anyhoo I was looking up recipes online and stumbled onto this blog!! and I am really looking forward to reading the books listed 😀

What a wonderful idea you have come up with!!!

Thank you

Sylvia (New Zealand)

9 12 2011

This is great. Definitely following so I can find out what the next book is and perhaps participate!

23 04 2012

So thrilled to have found you. Books AND food I am in heaven!

6 05 2012

I stumbled on this blog while looking for a Mole recipe. I see my friend Rachel of the Crispy Cook is here! I too am looking forward to you next book.

24 07 2012

What an awesome concept!!!!!!! I’m a huge culinary mystery fan, so will sign on to participate as soon as I can get my act together. In the meanwhile, want to nominate you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Your blog is so unique–love that you’re bringing others together for a virtual club. How fun is that?! For more on “accepting” the award, please head to http://foodcommunicationservices.wordpress.com/ and pass the torch (wooden spoon?) along. Congrats!

14 01 2015
Stacey Moore

Hi I have a free Foodie Movie Cookbook download to share with you. It is Kissing in the Kitchen: The Romantic Comedy Cookbook for Couples. It is free until Friday on amazon.com. You can share this link with your followers for a fun freebie. http://www.amazon.com/Kissing-Kitchen-Romantic-Cookbook-Couples-ebook/dp/B00RQPTF62/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1421260723&sr=8-2&keywords=kissing+in+the+kitchen

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