Next CTB book: “Eating for England” by Nigel Slater

10 04 2010

Hello everyone!

Sorry it took so long, but having a 4month old in the house doesn’t give me much time.  🙂 Our bext CTB book is Eating for England: The Delights & Eccentricities of the British at Table Nigel Slater’s personal portrait of the British and their food. With his witty, warm and nostalgic tone Slater addresses favourite British cuisine staples (high tea, scones, black pudding, Sunday roast etc.) and products (biscuits, chocolates etc) sometimes with love and others with apprehension. He is both entertaining and informative, often focusing on the sociological aspect of foods, painting a vivid portrait of nation whose relationship to food “is unlike any other“.  If you have never read any of Nigel Slater’s books or cooked his recipes you are in for a treat, the man is amazing!

To find out more about the author visit his personal page here.

The deadline for reading and posting your dish for this selection is Friday, May 21st.



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10 04 2010

My copy arrived today! Perfect timing! I’m really looking forward to this one. I have had the greatest affection for Nigel Slater since the day I had a question about one of his newspaper columns and he responded to my email within an hour. On a Sunday morning! What a man!

11 04 2010

I am reading the book and enjoying it. It is bringing back memories of my visits to England I wasn’t aware I had. Thank you so much for the choice.

12 04 2010

I have two of his cookbooks and love them. I am really enjoying the book so far–it is fun, funny and interesting!

14 04 2010

I’m looking forward to getting it any day now…. says Amazon. The book’s been shipped, so guess I believe them.

20 04 2010
Ty's Mommy

I’ve got my post up! Where is Mr Linky – I went to link up but couldn’t find it for this book…

11 05 2010

someone pointed me to your blog, i have something in the same vein, would love you to link in, its so fun to eat their words!

food for thought

17 05 2010
Can't Believe We Ate...

I’m published for this book too…
What fun!

28 05 2010

Alas, I see I’ve missed the deadline for entering. But I still feel as if I’ve won because I’d never have read this if it hadn’t been for this event. Thank you!!

I’m fascinated that even though I don’t recognize some of the brand names, I feel as if he is writing about Canadian food too.

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